Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flower Amigurumi [again]

Hi All!! Long time no see ^_^

Finally, I can post something in this lovely blog after passing the national exam. I'm sorry, Tantri. hehe..

I made this flower before the national exam [haha.. okay.. Now I kind of regret for not study hard in this exam :"( ). This Second Flower Amigurumi [see my first flower]  is a gift to my lovely grandma. :)

Behind The Scene : 

[I shoot all pictures using my HandPhone. Sorry]

I use the former Cable for stem. 

And I crochet the pot. Then I fill the pot with my old paper.

aah.. Tantri who bought that ribbon :D Thanks Tantri !!

Tadaaa :D

You can find the pattern after walking around here. hehe..

Happy Crafting All!! :)

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