Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Last 18th may, Indonesian crafter region malang was being participant of MCC(Malang Community Club) launcing.
 photo _DSC0152.jpg
my friends who were coming
 photo _DSC0049.jpg
IC's booth
   photo _DSC0016.jpg
 photo _DSC0017.jpg
other participant, SSCH (Save Street Child) 
 photo _DSC0102.jpg
Me and mbak tata were explaining about Indonesian Crafter region Malang

 photo _DSC0089.jpg
Other participant, Malang cat lover >,<

 photo _DSC0169-1.jpg

 photo _DSC0200.jpg
 photo _DSC0199.jpg
Zhavira and me 

 photo _DSC0156.jpg
thanks for coming guys
behind left-right (amira, angga, wawan)
Front left-right (zha, anis, fikri, danu)
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