Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rainbow cake

Holiday is coming
For us as student, Holiday is so mean. Hey oldies, do you remember your school world? especially you senior high school world? Yeah you know right. When we're in schooldays, it feel soooo *i guess you know what i mean*, but when we're in weekend or HOLIDAY, it feel so HAPPY, FREE, and so on.

This is my rainbow cake that i make 2 days ago.
I wanna told you about rainbow cake in my city. My friend and I went to Baker's King (one kind of bakery in Malang olympic garden) several weeks ago, then i saw new menu at there. Yeah rainbow cake, it has attractive colour *of course*, High price (18000/slice, i think it's better if i buy other cake), and the taste is same with other cake. I know it's not easy to make rainbow cake (the real cake) but i think it' easier to make my rainbow cake than make the real rainbow cake. I'm not cake master, call mbak eka and her friend.
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