Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crochet Key Chain! XD

Hi all!! Long time no see ya!?
Finally, exam is over!! XD and yesterday [24/12/11] there is Bazaar in my school. So, I make some crochet key chain to sell. Really crazy day. Well, not really.

And Here it is..

All my key chain! XD

I didn't make it too much. Just several..

And this 'Lovely Love' Key Chain, you can see the pattern here.
It is cute! Isn't?? ;)

Love Key Chain

I Love Crochet!

And this Ball Key Chain, i used this pattern.

Ball Key Chain

Still remember this motif?? Yes!! Candy Key Chain! You can see this pattern.

Candy Key Chain

You know?? I'm really really happy!!
Because, this is my first time I sell my work.
And all of them are sold!! >.<

All my work

Time to buy some yarn~!! XD
And happy crocheting all!!!
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